Written By Sophia Cowley

On May 9th, the very first trailer for It: Chapter 2 was released and I had never been more excited for a movie in my life. As a major horror fan, I absolutely love Stephen King’s work. So far, the remakes of the original It have been pretty spot on while adding small details from the book as well. And the film is finally out.

Let’s take a look at the trailer though and see what we can expect for It: Chapter 2. This time around, the film focuses on the main characters as adults coming back to Derry, Maine to confront the evil of their childhood. In the trailer, we only see six of the seven original members of the “Loser’s Club”. If you read the book you already know why that is, but for those who haven’t, you’ll have to watch the movie and see.

If you pay close attention to the mailboxes, you see that there are new missing children posters, obviously meaning that Pennywise is back to terrorize this small town. Another small detail is the colors of the fire hydrant: red, blue, and yellow, which are the colors of the original Pennywise outfit. These colors are not seen on the new Pennywise outfit, so they act as a nostalgia point for those who have seen the original It movie from the 80’s. 

In the scene where we are introduced to adult Beverly, she comes to her old apartment door which clearly reads “Marsh”. But as she looks again it says Kersh, which is the last name of the old woman who has moved in there. The old woman invites her in and tells her to look around. Beverly goes to her old room and finds the old postcard with the poem she thought was from Bill. Now we can see Mrs. Kersh in the background and something is clearly wrong with her as her movements are jerky and unnatural. As Beverly returns to the living room, she sits with Mrs. Kersh for a cup of tea. As the conversation continues, the old woman becomes more terrifying. Just as we think it can’t get any worse, she mentions her father was in the circus. This is where we see Beverly examine a picture of Kersh and her father at the circus and the man in the photo has an uncanny resemblance to Pennywise. Beverly is then attacked by the now transforming old woman. 

The next scene shows the group meeting at a Chinese restaurant. This is where we see the group all together as adults for the first time. This is also where Pennywise manifests himself in the form of disturbing messages in fortune cookies. Afterward, we see Bill staring at the street sewer where Georgie was killed. Here we see a vision of young Georgie in the sewer in his yellow raincoat holding the paper boat Bill made for him. Next, we see the group go down to the cistern where they last fought Pennywise, but he isn’t there anymore. As they go deeper into the sewer, they see an impact site with molten bedrock hardened in a blast formation- which is directly from the book, I might add.

The first character to directly interact and see Pennywise is Richie Tozier. We see him at the fair looking up at something with a horrified expression on his face. As the cameras pan upwards, we finally see Pennywise floating in the air holding red balloons next to the town’s giant Paul Bunyan statue (which is actually really important, but to say more would give too much away). We also see a hoard of red balloons floating up from underneath the train bridge that is directly above the Barrens. The second character to directly encounter Pennywise is Mike. In this scene we see Pennywise lunging from a window of a burnt building. This building is a nod to the death of Mike’s parents and many other black people of the town who died there by the fire. 

We next see who we think is Pennywise tearing off his face only to reveal that it is an grownup Henry Bowers, who has been working with Pennywise since the end of the last film. After, we see a carnival and fun house which sets Pennywise’s return in motion. We then get a glance at young Beverly and Bill sharing a kiss as it fades to them as adults sharing the same moment. After this moment we see Ben who was actually the one who wrote Beverly the poem when they were kids, and here his feelings resurface; seems like the poor guy can never win. 

In the next scene we see someone who looks like Beverly practically drowning in blood, similar to the bathroom in her apartment when she was growing up, only this time the blue and yellow tiles give away the fact that it is in their old school’s bathroom.This is a nod to the original version of the movie where Bill is confronted by Pennywise in the showers of the school bathroom and gets showered by blood. Now we see the group holding hands in a circle in what seems to be tunnels where they last fought Pennywise. They are doing this to perform a special ritual, I would give more details since I’ve read the novel, but I don’t want to spoil anything! Finally in the last scene of the trailer, we get a good look of Pennywise’s face as he says “hello” to his first victim in 27 years. 

I have never been so excited to see a movie in my life. From the trailer, it seems as though they kept a lot of important small details from the book, which they didn’t do as well on in the first movie. Yes, they gave quite a few easter eggs in the first movie, but it made no sense to show them in the movie without explanation for those who never read the book. This movie could bring horror back to where it should be: genuinely horrifying and original.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet check it out here, and make to tell us what you thought of the movie it-self: 



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